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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Region as a subsystem of the world economyBulatova, O.
2018Regional trade agreements and the dialectics of protectionism and liberalism: new vectors of competitivenessBulatova, O. V.; Panchenko, V. G.
2016Regionalization of the world economyBulatova, O.
2015Religious diversity in multicultural society: навч. посібникВасильєва, Ельза Вячеславівна; Смирнова, Марія Сергіївна
2017Res incognita: семіотика речі у східнослов'янському модерністському романі першої половини ХХ століттяГороднюк, Наталія Андріївна
2020The Role and Place of Information and Communication Technologies in the Formation of Professional Competencies of Higher EducationShabelnyk, T.; Rotanova, N.; Diachenko, O.; Netreba, M.; Tonkykh, L.; Tsilmak, O.
2017Rural family in Ukraine in the soviet way of life in the 1950s–1960sLysak, Viktoria; Tryma, Kateryna
2017Rural population of Donetsk region in 1945 – 1953 based on the materials of the regional statistical departmentShypik, N.
2020Scientific and Methodological Support of the Individual Trajectory of Educators’ Professional DevelopmentMakarenko, S.
2020Scientific Approaches to Postmodern Spirituality: Theoretical and Methodological AspectsAntonenko, T.; Kachmar, O.; Tsybulko, O.; Grachova, T.; Konovalova, M.
2017Scientific innovations in multicultural society: навч. посібникВасильєва, Ельза Вячеславівна; Смирнова, Марія Сергіївна
2020Search Query Data Analysis: Challenges and OpportunitiesPavlenko, O.; Tymofieieva, I.
2019The Security Service of Ukraine as the Subject of Counter-corruption and Financial Crimes: a Comparative Analyses and International ExperienceVolik, Vyacheslav
2019STEM-навчання на заняттях із синтаксису української мови у вищій школіТютюма, Тетяна Сергіївна
2020Strategic Cooperation of Ukrainian Industrial Enterprises to Create Competitive Advantages in the World MarketPerepadya, F. L.; Zakharenko, N. S.; Bodrov, V. G.; Zrybneva, I. P.; Paryzkyi, I. V.
2020Strategic priorities of increasing the level of economic security of the national economy of the countryZhuravlov, D.; Volik, V.; Slovska, I.; Lushchyk, Y.; Tsyhanok, H.
2014The Structure of the U. S. Public DiplomacyBalabanov, K.; Trofymenko, M.
2021Stylistic features of emotive vocabulary in Stephen Fry’s novel "The Hippopotamus" and their rendering in S. Luchyna’s Ukrainian translationPeftieva, O.; Luchyna, S.; Romanyuk, S.
2019Transformation of the subject structure of world capital exports and importsМарена, Тетяна Василівна
2019The trends of migration processes in the labour market of the donetsk regionPerepadya, F. L.