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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The impact of global financial transformations on the economic security of Central and Eastern European countriesBulatova, O.; Marena, T.; Chentukov, Yu.; Shabelnyk, T.
2020Improving Educational Policy in the Context of Improving the Organizational Structure of Physical Education Lessons in SchoolsOliiar, M.; Havryliuk, M.; Antonenko, T.; Lopatenko, Y.; Tymofieieva, I.
2015In Vivo and in Vitro Evidence for Biochemical Coupling of Reactions Catalyzed by Lysophosphatidylcholine Acyltransferase and Diacylglycerol AcyltransferasePan, X.; Chen, G.; Kazachkov, M.; Greer, M. S.; Caldo, K. M. P.; Zou, J.; Weselake, R. J.
2015The industrial development of Mariupol during the nineteenth – the earlytwentieth centuriesVolonits, V.; Novikova, S.
2021The Influence of Medical Services Public Management on the Population’ Life QualityBarzylovych, A.; Ursakiі, Y.; Nadezhdenko, A.; Mamatova, T.; Chykarenko, O.; Kravchenko, S.
2019Influence of Regional Financial Market Models on the Structure of Global Financial AssetsBulatova, O.; Reznikova, N.; Shabelnyk, T.; Marena, T.
2019Innovations in education: module-tutor process of education: monographPopovich, O.; Holotsukova, Yu.
2020Integration of chatbots into the system of professional training of MastersShabelnyk, T.; Krivenko, S.; Rotanova, N.; Diachenko, O.; Tymofieieva, I.; Kiv, A.
2020An integrative approach in the preparation of future primary school teachers [4.8]Tymofieieva, I.
2019International Aspect of a Legal Regulation in the Field of Financial Crime Counteraction by the Example of Special Services of Ukraine and the CIS CountriesVakulyk, Olga; Andriichenko, Nadiia; Reznik, Oleg; Volik, Vyacheslav; Yanishevska, Kateryna
2020International mobility of students in modern conditions of transformation in the global market of services (regional aspect)Bulatova, O.; Zaikovsky, O.
2011IP-технологии и массовые коммуникацииБесчетникова, Светлана Владимировна
2015Juan Manuel Marcos’s novel “Gunter’s winter” in the perspective of post-modernism of the XXth centuryKhoroshkov, М.; Melnychuk, I.; Pedchenko, E.
2012Key theoretical approaches to intercultural competence in modern western pedagogyYablokov, S.
2019Labor mobilizations of the civil employable population as a mechanism of attracting the labor force to the heavy industry enterprises of Donetsk region in 1943–1945Shypik, N.
2018Legal regime for the protection of commercial confidentiality in the EU and UkraineKuzmenko, S.; Nadezhdenko, A.
2016"Library Publishing" як перспективна модель бібліотек ВНЗ : презентація до доповідіНазар'єва, Світлана Володимирівна
2019Linguistic personality of metropolitan Anthony of Sourozh (Bloom)Shepitko, S.; Smyrnova, M.
2008Low-Dose Creatine Combined with Protein during Resistance Training in Older MenCandow, D. G.; Little, J. P.; Chilibeck, P. D.; Abeysekara, S.; Zello, G. A.; Kazachkov, M.; Cornish, S. M.; Yu, P. H.
2019Mariupol Window on America Centre : Інформаційно-ресурсний центр як міні-модель американської бібліотеки : презентація до доповідіНазар'єва, Світлана Володимирівна