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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Figurative component as an inherent part of a word semantic structurePeftieva, O.
2017Foreword to the book Kasturi S. K. Reporting and feature writing: How to write to be read?Bezchotnikova, S.
2020Formation Of A Lifelong Learning Management System As Form Of Educational Space ProtectionMakarenko, S.; Kalynychenko, V.
2019Function of cultural creation as the factor of a person’s creative potentialPopovich, O. V.
2018Game Mechanics as Videogame Genre IdentifierBezchotnikova, S.
2021Gamification – один із сучасних методів електронного навчанняТимофєєва, Ірина Борисівна; Трубачова, В. Я.
2018Gender aspects of professional competences in managing businessTyshchenko, L.; Bondar, T.
2018German portraits of Mariupol Azov sea region (second half of XIX – beginning of the XX c)Novikova, S.; Korobka, V.; Korobka, J.
2015Global regionalization of the world economyBulatova, E.
2015Global regionalization of the world economyBulatova, O.
2013Greek Woman in the North Azov Sea RegionArabadzhі, S.
2019Higher education internationalization impact on university competitivenessЧентуков, Юрій Ілліч; Марена, Тетяна Василівна
2020The impact of global financial transformations on the economic security of Central and Eastern European countriesBulatova, O.; Marena, T.; Chentukov, Yu.; Shabelnyk, T.
2020Improving Educational Policy in the Context of Improving the Organizational Structure of Physical Education Lessons in SchoolsOliiar, M.; Havryliuk, M.; Antonenko, T.; Lopatenko, Y.; Tymofieieva, I.
2015In Vivo and in Vitro Evidence for Biochemical Coupling of Reactions Catalyzed by Lysophosphatidylcholine Acyltransferase and Diacylglycerol AcyltransferasePan, X.; Chen, G.; Kazachkov, M.; Greer, M. S.; Caldo, K. M. P.; Zou, J.; Weselake, R. J.
2015The industrial development of Mariupol during the nineteenth – the earlytwentieth centuriesVolonits, V.; Novikova, S.
2021The Influence of Medical Services Public Management on the Population’ Life QualityBarzylovych, A.; Ursakiі, Y.; Nadezhdenko, A.; Mamatova, T.; Chykarenko, O.; Kravchenko, S.
2019Influence of Regional Financial Market Models on the Structure of Global Financial AssetsBulatova, O.; Reznikova, N.; Shabelnyk, T.; Marena, T.
2019Innovations in education: module-tutor process of education: monographPopovich, O.; Holotsukova, Yu.
2020Integration of chatbots into the system of professional training of MastersShabelnyk, T.; Krivenko, S.; Rotanova, N.; Diachenko, O.; Tymofieieva, I.; Kiv, A.